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Basic Plan Membership

ArtistaOnLine creates your digital catalogue, a web space dedicated to you, taking care of uploading all the contents (texts, images, videos, events, articles) at an absolutely attractive cost. The " Basic Plan " is annual and renews automatically.

The plan includes the publication of the following content:

  • Biography
    The biography must be written in Word format (max 30 lines - no other formats) to which an image of the artist must be attached, possibly a close-up, in JPG format.
  • Participation in events, exhibitions, concerts
    List of the artist's participation in events/exhibitions/concerts etc... (example: 2023 - exhibition "title" - location).
    The list must be in Word format (one line for each participation/event/exhibition - no other formats).
  • Photogallery of the artist
    Upload of 15 images/year (the images are added up from year to year at each renewal).
    Images MUST be provided in JEPG format (No other formats) and renamed as follows:
    year - description - place or support, size ( example : 2050 - work name - Oil on canvas - 00x00)
  • Unlimited publication of articles on the "ArtBlog" .
    Each article MUST be written in Word format (No other format), accompanied by 1 image in JEPG format (No other format) and sent by email to
  • Unlimited publication of Events in which the artist participates
    Each event and related data MUST be written in Word format (No other format), indicate location, event title, location address, date and time of the event and must be accompanied by an image and/or poster in JEPG format (No other format).
    Send the above by email to
  • Social Sharing
    The events and articles published by ArtistaOnLine are shared on our social channels.
  • Participation in events
    Artists regularly published on the portal have the opportunity to participate in events (group exhibitions/concerts/music reviews/events in general) organized by us or in which we participate.

Anything that does not comply with the instructions will NOT be published.

Any extra work for the arrangement/adaptation of the material and contents (texts/images/etc...) will be provided upon purchase of a pay-as-you-go hour package (see additional costs).

How to send material to be published

Prepare individual folders of each type of content (texts, images, etc...)
Sending the material to be published must be done by email to
We recommend using the service to send previously prepared folders (texts, images, etc...).

Updated contents of the artist page
It will be possible to proceed with updating the contents of your artistic page by sending the contents to be published to .

How much does it cost
Membership of the Portal costs only €5.00/month for a total of €60.00 per year with AUTOMATIC RENEWAL.
Upon expiry, you will receive the Pro Forma Invoice and will be able to proceed with payment.

To confirm your membership, fill out the form below

If you do not wish to renew, you can cancel at least 30 days before expiry without paying any penalty

Payment is to be made in a single solution (€ 60.00 + any ancillary costs) via:

- Bank transfer
Iban IT26C0326850240052107786660
made out to "Ideaventuno di Giovanni Tommasi"
Indicating " Name Surname - Basic Plan ArtistaOnLine - Year "

- PayPal

using the button below
Indicating " Name Surname - Basic Plan ArtistaOnLine - Year "


The applicant declares to have read and accepted the " General Conditions " before making the payment.

We kindly ask you to inform us of the payment using the " Contacts " form or by writing to, taking care to indicate the complete data (surname, name, address, telephone number, tax code).

For any need or information you can write to or call 3385236490