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Silvia Caldinelli - painter

Silvia Caldinelli

“…but what appears most evident is the solitary work that materializes a deeply felt painting, experienced in the color that animates each of his compositions.

In her meditations on color and matter, Silvia Caldinelli has tested the effectiveness of various techniques, from engraving to pastel, from oil to watercolor.

…everything is reworked in a luminous chromatic fabric with a subtle emotional impact.

It is as if the song of Nature was released, between lights and flutters of colours. All on calm registers, as is her personality as an artist.


Themes experienced in calm ways are captured, in the reassuring traces of the forms, for the secret feelings of those who do not love the superficiality of today, but the very personal inner dimensions".


​Fabrizia Buzio Negri, Varese Mese, 1998


“…a genuine and immediate view, in an atmosphere nuanced in precious green tones that degrade to an exhausting pink of the surrounding mountains and the sky that looms over them and envelops them in tender lyricism”.


Otto Villatora, 1981


“…The delicacy of the color struck me in Silvia's painting; a color made of light, the result of an absolutely feminine sensibility. Observing her paintings, I clearly have the sensation of finding myself dealing with an artist who not only does not accept the disfigurement of the landscape, but who decisively protects it from the insults of others by hiding it in her depths to then show it intact in absolute awareness to friends, acquaintances and strangers.

In short, a world like we all would like it to be and a firm invitation to all people not to deface. It is therefore his, a strong creative impulse that ennobles his painting by cataloging it among the tools necessary to live to the fullest, in order not to erase a natural heritage that is rightfully due to us and to future generations…”.


Luigi Piatti, April 2009


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Personal exhibitions


1983 Galliate Lombardo (Va), Municipal Library

1985 Buguggiate (Va), "La Focale"

1992 Daverio (Va), Municipal Library

1993 Varano Borghi (Va), Multipurpose Hall

1996 Daverio (Va), Municipal Library

1997 Edolo (Bs), Exhibition Hall of the Adamello Park

1998 Gallarate (Va), Sala Broletto

2000 Gallarate (Va), BNL Telethon

2001 Gazzada (Va), Church of Santa Maria Assunta

2007 Busto Arsizio, Artefiera exhibition

2007 Udine, "Art Time" Gallery

2008 Somma Lombardo, "Art in the courtyard"

2009 Galliate Lombardo, "La Corte" Civic Center

2010 Daverio, "Painters and Flowers" 5th Pro Loco edition - Undergallery

2010 Galliate Lombardo, "The pen and the easel" - council chamber

2011 Daverio, "Painters and flowers" 6th Pro Loco edition - Undergallery

2018 Galliate Lombardo, "Courtyards in celebration" - "La Corte civic center"

2021 Brunello (Va), c/o Musical Review Musical Reviviscenze

Collective exhibitions and competitions


1973 Ranco (Va), painting competition S. Quirico prize "The woman in Ranco" - 7th place

1975 Daverio (Va), collective exhibition "Painters of our house"

1976 Robbio Lomellina (Pv), international painting exhibition

1976 Arona (No), national competition for extemporaneous painting "Premio Usellini"

1977 Somma Lombardo (Va), "Collective exhibition of the Awarded"

1977 Arona (No), national competition for extemporaneous painting "Premio Usellini"

1978 Villadosia (Va), seventh prize for painting – mention

1979 Travedona (Va), extemporaneous painting competition "Parco la Motta" - 2nd place

1979 Legnano (Milan), seventh "Santa Teresa" painting competition - 5th place

1979 Carnago (Va), regional prize for figurative painting "Cesare Pavese" - silver plate

1979 Varese, second painting competition "Premio S: Cecilia" - 9th place

1979 Villadosia (Va), eighth painting competition – purchase prize 7th place

1980 Casenuove Malpensa (Va), first extemporaneous painting – plate

1980 Marnate (Va), “Marnate and its valley” competition – purchase prize 6th prize

1980 Tradate (Va), painting prize "Jacopino da Tradate" - 3rd place

1980 Varese, third painting prize “S. Cecilia” – 4th purchase prize

1980 Marne (Bg), painting competition - cup

1981 Busto Arsizio (Va), fourth “Stra Brughetto” competition – purchase prize

1981 Carnago (Va), regional prize for figurative painting “C. Pavese”

1981 Lavena Ponte Tresa (Va), extemporaneous painting competition – 1st purchase prize

1981 Saltrio (Va), regional competition P: Marchesi – 3rd prize

1981 Gornate, Monastery, painting competition

1981 Venegono Superiore (Va), eighth national competition of painting – 1st prize gold medal

1981 Legnano (Milan), ninth painting competition “S. Teresa” – 6th prize

1982 Busto Arsizio (Va), fifth “Stra Brughetto” competition – 4th purchase prize

1982 Monvalle (Va), “Borgo di Moallo” landscape prize – 2nd prize

1982 Legnano (Milan), tenth painting competition “S. Teresa” – 6th prize

1982 Busto Arsizio (Va), Villa Tosi – painting competition – report

1982 Oggiona S: Stefano (Va), painting competition

1982 Tradate (Va), tenth painting competition – mention

1982 Varese, fifth painting prize “S. Cecilia” – report

1983 Lavena Ponte Tresa (Va), extemporaneous painting – 2nd prize purchase

1983 Gornate Olona (Va), painting competition

1983 Venegono Superiore (Va), tenth national competition Of painting – 1st prize – gold medal

1983 Tradate (Va), eleventh “Jacopino da Tradate” competition – 3rd prize

1983 Legnano (Mi), painting contest “S. Theresa” – report

1983 Daverio (Va), collective exhibition

1983 Mornago (Va), group exhibition pro WWF Italy

1984 Lozza (Va), first extemporaneous – report

1984 Santhià (Vc), painting competition

1984 Mornago (Va)Vinago, painting competition – report

1984 Varese, sixth painting prize “S. Cecilia” – license plate

1985 Busto Arsizio (Va), painting prize "Daniele Crespi"

1985 Azzate (Va), collective exhibition "Painters and flowers"

1986 Lozza (Va), painting competition

1987 Bodio Lomnago (Va), painting competition – cup

1987 Gallarate (Va), painting competition "The universal mother"

1987 Pontedilegno (Bs), national competition "Friends of Pontedilegno Association"

1988 Milan, “Arte 88” prize – mention

1988 Bodio Lomnago (Va), painting competition – plaque

1988 Mornago (Va) Vinago, painting competition – purchase prize

1988 Tradate (Va), painting competition "Jacopino da Tradate"

1989 Besozzo (Va), painting competition

1989 Mornago (Va) Vinago, painting competition – cup

1989 Casale Litta (Va), painting competition – 3rd purchase prize

1990 Milan, “Arte 90” award

1990 Cassano Magnago (Va), painting competition

1990 Casale Litta (Va), painting competition

1990 Turin, national competition "Gran Premio Torino"

1991 Cassano Magnago (Va), painting competition – purchase prize

1992 Vinago (Va), painting competition – purchase prize

1992 Cassano Magnago (Va), painting competition

1992 Varano Borghi (Va), collective painting and scu

culture “En plein air”

1992 Corgeno (Va), exhibition of painting, sculpture and decorative arts "Viridis Glatum"

1993 Inarzo (Va), collective exhibition

1993 Varano Borghi (Va), collective exhibition "En plein air" - 1st prize

1994 Vinago (Va), painting competition – purchase prize

1994 Arona (No), painting competition

1994 Besozzo (Va), painting competition

1994 Varese, painting prize "Homage to Tardonato" - 1st prize ex-aequo

1994 Daverio (Va), collective exhibition "Creatives in Daverio"

1994 Varano Borghi (Va), collective painting "En plein air"

1995 Comerio (Va), painting competition – report

1996 Arona (No), international exhibition of contemporary painting – purchase prize

1996 Vinago (Va), painting competition – purchase prize

1996 Brunello (Va), collective exhibition of the students of the engraving course

1998 Trivero (Bi), national competition "Premio Comune di Trivero" - mention of merit

1998 Gallarate (Va), Punto Arte - Open - collective exhibition

1998 Vergiate Corgeno (Va), collective exhibition "The environment in music and color"

1998 Breno (Bs), “Città di Breno” art prize

1998 Travedona Monate (Va), collective exhibition "Arts and crafts"

1998 Pontedilegno (Bs) collective exhibition "Bridge in painting"

1998 Tradate (Va), collective exhibition "Flowers in art"

1999 Trivero (Bi), second national competition of contemporary painting

1999 Daverio (Va), collective exhibition "Daveriesi Artists"

1999 Tradate (Va), collective exhibition "Flowers in art"

2000 Sesto Calende (Va), third national competition “City of Sesto Calende” – diploma of merit

2000 Tradate (Va), collective exhibition "Flowers in art"

2001 Tradate (Va), collective exhibition "Flowers in art"

2002 Albizzate (Va), Oratorio S: Luigi – painting competition

2003 Tradate (Va), collective exhibition "Flowers in art"

2004 Daverio (Va), collective exhibition "Friends of art"

2004 Crosio della Valle (Va), Library – collective exhibition

2004 Sesto Calende (Va), painting competition

From 2004 to 2008 he participated in all the collective exhibitions organized by the Pro-Loco of Varese

2005 Rasa di Varese, collective exhibition "Rasa in Arte"

2005 Tradate, collective exhibition "Flowers in art" 9th edition

2006 Daverio, collective Laboratory "D" - work in progress ... "The barefoot hydraulics"

2007 Malpensa Art, collective exhibition

2007 Daverio (Va), collective exhibition Pro Loco "Painters and flowers"

2008 Varese, Varese.Net – Art in Showcase

2008 Crosio della Valle – collective of the “D” Laboratory - Friends of Art

2008 Somma Lombardo (Va), collective exhibition "Souvenir de voyage"

2015 Daverio (Va), collective exhibition "Painters and flowers"

2016 Brescia, contemporary painting competition "Premio Nocivelli"

2018 Noli (Sv), collective exhibition "giornidarteaNoli"

2021 Belgioioso (Pv) collective exhibition PaviaArtTalent


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