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Fraimini Bruno - musician

Bruno Fraimini

Bruno Fraimini was born musically around the 70s, perfecting himself at the “G. Verdi” in Milan under the guidance of Maestro Franco Campioni.

After the first successes achieved by actively participating in the group of percussionists of the same Conservatory, he reached his professional peak when in October 1976, on the occasion of the symphonic season, he was called to the Teatro alla Scala in Milan where he participated in the first performance in Italy of " Gruppen for three orchestras”, the composition by Karl Heinz Stockhausen, particularly full of difficulties which requires the use of three orchestras arranged in different places in the hall, so as to create particular stereophonic effects.

There are also three directors: Claudio Abbado, Gabriele Bellini, Edoardo Mìller.

For the occasion, Bruno Fraimini is engaged as a percussionist under the direction of MQ Abbado. The activity always continues at high levels at the most important Italian and foreign musical institutions:

RAI Orchestra, Musical Afternoons, Angelicum, Sanremo Municipal Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra of Italian Switzerland etc., where he also performs in scores for percussion only, as in the case of an extraordinary Salomè directed by Linsay Kemp.

There are also numerous collaborations with Italian and foreign radio and television bodies.


For the French Radiotelevision he records "Eu sou o samba" by Ben Ornar. The collaboration with light music groups should also be underlined, including: the Stomy Six, who wanted him for the recording of the LP "L'Apprendista", a successful album released in 1977. The irresistible charm of jazz music is felt in the early 80s when, collaborating with Tony Scott and with Roberto Meroni's New Group Big Band, he participated in important shows positively supported by the critics. Having reached full professional maturity, he founds his own group: the Bruno Fraimini Quartet where Meroni himself collaborates as saxophonist and clarinetist. With Cristiano Anselmo, Walter Battagliola, Claudio Cazzola and Rinaldo Ferri he joins the orchestra that supports the soundtrack of "The good soul of Sezuan", the dramatic parable by Bertold Brecht set to music by Paul Dessau and translated for the occasion and directed by Giorgio Strehler and repeated with great success in the '81-'82 season. In 2008 he collaborated as first percussionist with the "Kurpfalzphilharmonie Heidelberg" orchestra, under the direction of Maestro Gordon Baird, in the concert for peace (Caravate and Somma Lombardo). In 2012 he organized the concert in homage to Franco Campioni (who died in 2011) at the Milan Conservatory - Sala Puccini, together with the teacher of percussion instruments M° Andrea Dulbecco.
He is naturally dedicated to teaching the drums and his long experience in this field has allowed him to develop and consolidate teaching and improvement techniques for the benefit of his students. Many drummers who have become professionals have passed under his teachings including Francesco Di Lenge, Vittorio Marinoni, Gia Rossi, Pino Li Trenta, Dario Milan, Fabio Amodio, Christian Meyer, Marco Orsi, Antonio Turrà and many others. In performances, masters and seminars he also makes use of the "minus one", special recordings without the instrument playing live, as on the occasion of the Music Festival (2000), performing in concert in the great hall of the State University of Milan with the collaboration of the guitarist Lucio Filiti.

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1976 - Milan (Mi) - Teatro alla Scala - Music in our time - Abbado

1978 - Lecco (Lc) - Society Theater - The percussionists

1980 - Lyon (France) 35th Festival international de Lion

1982 - Cesano Maderno (Mi) - 9th musical week - Music, theater and ballet

1983 - Malnate (Va) - Jazz concert

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