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Musical revivals - musical review

Reviviscenze Musicali


an exhibition conceived and strongly desired by Giovanni Tommasi and Manuela Codazzi , president and secretary of ARTandCHARITY ODV , with the specific aim of "using" art at 360° to raise funds for social activities.
What this important Review is today is well explained by Manuela in these few lines:

“Musical revivals: an embrace of Music that also embraces Art to grow together. We firmly believe in the value of Culture, Art and Education as tools for the growth of human beings, especially today when we are experiencing a moment of severe crisis, not only economic but above all in the profound values that seem to crumble with the succession of generations . What prompted us towards this ambitious project is to believe that creating and promoting Culture through the instruments of Music and Art can be an effective means not only to fuel our personal passions but also to arouse emotions that can become a stimulus to appreciate the Beautiful, pure and indispensable nourishment for the soul.

The "Musical Reviviscenze" review was born in 2020 as a profound reaction to that very sad lockdown period that prevented many artists from being able to express themselves and savor the contact with their audience. There is also the strong will to send a message in which it is perceived that Culture absolutely had to come back to life and feed us.

This is how we realized with a lot of initiative and even a shred of healthy unconsciousness the first Italian concert in streaming on 05.30.2020 with the orchestra in attendance when the public still could not attend.
The event took place in Gazzada Schianno (Va) in Villa De Strens, seat of the Town Hall, with the acquisition of patronage.

The success that followed strongly motivated us to proceed along this path and in the autumn of the same year the first edition of the Reviviscenze Musicali review was held.

The project required a huge commitment both financially and in terms of personal energy, but we strongly believed in it and we succeeded.

We would very much like to give continuity to this first project, the passion and the principles mentioned in the introduction are still alive, now as then, we would even like to expand the action by also including artists who work in the field of figurative arts who will accompany us at every musical meeting, in short, a happy new union in which the disciplines value each other.

The review enjoys the support of the Jupiter Foundation which also sees in the staff of its Insubria Chamber Orchestra, directed by Maestro Giorgio Rodolfo Marini, a considerable number of promising young and established musicians including Maestro Carlo Levi Minzi, internationally renowned pianist .


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2020 - Musical revivals - Gazzada (Va)

2020 - Musical revivals - Gazzada (Va)

2020 - Musical revivals - Vergiate (Va)
2020 - Musical revivals - Brunello (Va)

2020 - Musical revivals - Brunello (Va)

2021 - Musical revivals - Santa Caterina del Sasso (Va)

2021 - Musical revivals - Cardano al Campo (Va)

2021 - Musical revivals - Vergiate (Va)

2021 - Musical revivals - Albizzate (Va)

2021 - Musical revivals - Brunello (Va)

2021 - Musical revivals - Belgioioso (Pv)

2022 - Musical revivals - Brunello (Va)

2022 - Musical revivals - Albizzate (Va)

2022 - Musical revivals - Vergiate (Va)

2022 - Musical revivals - Cardano al Campo (Va)

2022 - Musical revivals - Brunello (Va)

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