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ArtistaOnLine singing

Services entirely dedicated to the artist

ArtistaOnLine is a platform designed, created and managed by Ideaventuno .

What can ArtistaOnLine do for you?
We take care of every aspect related to the activity of the artist published on ArtistaOnLine

ArtistaOnLine allows Artists to have a personal Web Space, always updated and at very low costs .

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Basic Artist Plan

Temporary Art Exhibition

Biography and Statement of the artist

Organize your personal or collective exhibition in the gallery in the center of Varese

the pleasure of being online with your own Landing Page.

edited by a qualified art historian

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ArtSite Start Plan

Digital book

Create your website

the pleasure of being online with your own website

All your works in a digital book that can be browsed and easily integrated

the pleasure of being online with a website created in total autonomy

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Consulting and organization

we take care of your artistic activity such as cultural events, exhibitions, concerts, editorial presentations

our partners

Galleria Due Punti VareseAssociazione ARTandCHARITY O.D.V.Ideaventuno di Giovanni Tommasi